Phil Morgan - The leading authority in tenant and resident involvement
Phil has been a leading commentator and contributor to the debates within social housing and beyond, primarily focusing on involvement. He is a member of the Guardians Housing Network Advisory Panel, a columnist for Northern/Midlands/Southern Housing, and a blogger for Dash 24 housing.
He was the subject of a profile in The Guardian in 2008.
He also made two major contributions to the Housing Studies Association. The first, a chapter on tenant futures, was published in Building On the Past, which set out a series of papers on the future of social housing. The second was on empowerment and ASB.
Phil has published free briefings on Social Enterprise (available by email) and the Big Society Bank.
Articles include Inside Housing on Tenants CoRegulation Scrutiny, on 5 steps to Tenant Involvement on the Guardians Housing Network and for Northern, Midlands and Southern Housing on tenants and energy efficency. His columns for Northern, Midlands and Southern Housing include:
Phil has also commented on Affordable Rents, the HCA investment prospectus and Tenant Cashback for dash 24 housing.
Phil was part of the Guardians expert Panel on accountability in social housing, is quoted in a Guardian article on complaints and most recent article was on Making the Right To Buy Work for Tenants?
Phil has commented on the outcome of the government's review of the Tenant Services Authority: TSA review – small change.
Phil now has a regular blog on 24 Housing. Recent posts cover:
His analysis of the last 20 inspections and their findings on complaint handling revealed that those landlords that perform worst overall also fare badly at handling complaints. An article based on this study was published by the Guardian.
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